Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

Hold Me Tight:

About the Hold Me Tight® Program:

            This program is based on Dr. Sue Johnson’s empirically and evidenced-based Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and her best-selling book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. EFT has met outstanding success and has been heralded in many scientific journals and other professional publications.

             As humans, we are hard-wired to connect to others, especially romantically. Marriage can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience. And other times, it can be a source of pain and discomfort. EFT helps partners understand more clearly their own and their partner’s deepest emotions that are often hidden, unexpressed, or misunderstood and frequently fuel their negative interactions. EFT can make it safe for partners to express their deepest needs and emotions and be more accessible, responsive, and engaged with their partner and in the relationship. The Hold Me Tight® (HMT) program brings all of the elements of EFT into an exciting, safe, validating, and fun environment. The tools and experiences you will obtain will continue to influence you long after this weekend.


What to Expect

The program is designed around eight separate sessions to encourage partners to increase their level of emotional safety and connection through private conversations and exercises, video of real couples, and specific instructions from trained and qualified presenters.

There is great emphasis on privacy, comfort, and confidentiality. Further, although we encourage questions and comments, you will not be expected to participate in group discussions. All of the conversations and exercises will be done with your partner privately. All couples regardless of relationship length, relationship status, or sexual orientation, we encourage all backgrounds and couples at any stage.

Please note that all presenters will present very similar content but some may be presented differently. However, most HMT workshops will include:


  • Facilitated instruction and practice
  • The book—Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
  • Workshop binder which includes handouts and notes
  • Engaging, professional, and experienced presenters
  • Opportunity for private exercises and conversations with your partner
  • Small group for increased access to presenters
  • Presenters will be available to give you guidance as needed
  • Light snacks and water will be provided

Summary of the Seven Conversations

1. Recognizing Demon Dialogues — Identify negative patterns and hear each other in a different way.


2. Finding the Raw Spots — Look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions to identify the raw spots underneath.


3. Revisiting a Rocky Moment — De-escalate conflict and repair rifts to build emotional safety.


4. Hold Me Tight — Move into being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other.


5. Forgiving Injuries — Integrate injuries into conversations as demonstrations of renewal and connection. Finding and offering forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen their bond.


6. Bonding Through Sex and Touch — Find how emotional connection creates great sex, and good sex creates deeper emotional connection.


7. Keeping Your Love Alive — Make plans to be intentional and mindful about maintaining connection.  Love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection.


  • February 2017 — SOLD OUT

    Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop with Jeremy S. Boden, PhD, CFLE

    Friday, February 3rd, 6pm—9pm and Saturday, February 4th, 9am—5:30 pm.

    Location:  Marriott Springhill Suites  |  1580 Freedom Blvd. Provo, UT


    Early Bird Registration: $275 (Ends Monday January 16th, @ 11:59pm)

    Regular Admission Price: $325 per couple

    Click here for details and registration

    This workshop is sold out. However, occasionally there are cancellations. Please send an email to  If you'd like to be placed on the wait list.

  • May 2017 - SOLD OUT

    Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop with Jeremy S. Boden, PhD, CFLE

    Friday, May 12th, 6pm—9pm and Saturday, May 13th, 9am—5:30 pm.

    Location:  Marriott Springhill Suites  |  1580 Freedom Blvd. Provo, UT


    Registration price: $300 (Registration Closes May 9th)


    Maximum enrollment is 12 couplesSOLD OUT

    Click here for details and registration

  • August 2017 — 2 SPOT LEFT

    Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop with Jeremy S. Boden, PhD, CFLE

    Friday, August 18th, 6pm—9pm and Saturday, August 19th, 9am—5:30 pm.

    Location:  Marriott Springhill Suites  |  1580 Freedom Blvd. Provo, UT


    Early Bird Registration: $300 (Ends Monday August 16th—@11:59pm)

    Regular Admission Price: $350 per couple


    Maximum enrollment is 12 couples - 2 SPOT LEFT

    Click here for details and registration

  • November 2017 — 11 Spots left

    Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop with Jeremy S. Boden, PhD, CFLE

    Friday, November 10th, 6pm—9pm and Saturday, November 11th, 9am—5:30 pm.

    Location:  Marriott Springhill Suites  |  1580 Freedom Blvd. Provo, UT


    Early Bird Registration: $325 (Ends Monday Oct 20th, @ 11:59pm)

    Regular Admission Price: $400 per couple


    Maximum enrollment is 11 couples

    Click here for details and registration

Hold Me Tight Workshop Schedule


"Hold Me Tight workshop with Jeremy was wonderful. It helped me understand that we are normal and what we are going through or have gone through is natural and that we we can heal and change. We left feeling hope for the future and given the tools needed to help our relationship grow and become stronger."


"Attending the Hold Me Tight workshop was the best thing we could have done for our marriage. We learned how to foster a safe, loving environment where our relationship can flourish."


"Attending the Hold Me Tight workshop has given me new tools to be able to handle my relationship specifically to acknowledge my hot spots and find better ways to reach resolve in conflicting moments of my life. Most importantly be able to be vulnerable and authentic to my emotions while keeping a healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship. I liked being able to spend time with my spouse talking about the ways to look at our conflict resolution patterns. I appreciate the valid information and research to support the information and strategies to get better results in our current struggles and hot spots. I like that we now know how to put into practice and apply the things we are learning."


“My wife and I loved Jeremy’s workshop. He was an engaging presenter. The class comes with a workbook with activities that really helped my wife and I to get to the root cause of some of our struggles. The EFT method teaches a way of recognizing the response patterns couples fall into. Jeremy did a great job helping us apply these principles to our day-to-day lives. We had plenty of time to practice applying the principles we learned. Jeremy was quite engaging and made us laugh. I highly recommend this course to any couple who is needing serious help or even just a refresher. You really get a great value for the price."


“Whether you think your relationship is strong or weak there is always room from improvement. This course will improve your relationship if you allow it."


After years of marriage, this course has been a cornerstone to reconnecting with my wife. Jeremy made it easy to understand and apply the concepts.



Jeremy takes this important subject and presents it in a way that is real and applicable to better relationships. His personal insight and experience helped us really feel the importance of our relationship.



This workshop was so refreshing and informative! I wish we would have had access to this content right from the beginning of our relationship. It was presented in such a way that we understood it easily and came away from it feeling better understood and more emotionally connected as a couple.



I highly recommend this workshop. I recommend it to anyone wanting to strengthen their relationship, regardless of where they are. It was an amazing value and well worth the cost.


I understand so much more about my partner and myself now and that is invaluable to me. Before this course, I had very little hope for my marriage. I now have hope, enthusiasm, and knowledge. Things won’t be perfect but they definitely will be better. Thank you, Jeremy!



"Excellent workshop that gave us tools to resolve communication problems that previously seemed mysterious and intractable. It gave us a useful framework for making problems transparent and knowing how to resolve them. Our already good marriage will be better as a result."


"This workshop has been so helpful in talking about and opening discussion to strengthen our emotional bond and communication in our marriage."


"Jeremy explained a lot of the emotions and stresses and problems of relationships in a logical way that makes it easier to deal with."


"This workshop was an excellent eye-opening class for us. It has given us new skills and ideas to more positively manage the challenges that marriage throws our way."



"This workshop was awesome! It helped my husband and me in so many ways! We had an incredible, open, and honest discussion together after the first night, which prepared us to really gain from the partner actives throughout the next day. We are leaving with so many good practical strategies to begin right away. This is going to be the kick-start we needed to refresh and revive our marriage. Thank you!"



“This workshop is valuable! I wish we had attended something like this much earlier in our marriage. The info was important but the opportunities to talk were imperative. We probably wouldn’t have some of these conversations on our own. It felt safe enough to begin some pretty vulnerable conversations. We actually discussed gifting attendance at a future workshop to our married kids so they can learn this valuable information earlier in their marriage."


This workshop has been phenomenal. It has opened up opportunities for my spouse and myself to reflect and open up about our relationship. Our marriage will be stronger by participating in the exercises taught.



I feel like this workshop helped my marriage. We had great conversations after the first night. I would highly recommend this to other couples whether they are struggling or not.



This workshop really opened my eyes to key areas in how to improve our relationship through safe and healthy connections. I really felt like the content and approach increased my mindfulness and understanding of my own emotions and feelings as well as those of my wife. I really feel this workshop will be a big blessing to our future.



This program really made sense to me. It helped me recognize and understand my own emotions and reactions in a way that I can more accurately communicate them, which, in turn has improved how I communicate with my spouse and view his reactions and communications.



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